a day on your

soul nourishing journey.

Morning meditation, journaling & movement




Relaxation (or treatment if booked)




Relaxation in the cottage/ hike to connect with nature (or treatment if booked)


Evening gathering/movement




Group meet




Treatments are an opportunity to experience deep bodywork, designed to honour and nourish the core of your being at a profound level. The treatments/consultations may be booked once your place on the retreat is confirmed.

Nourished Soul Retreats has curated the Reboot Programme as a gentle introduction to our variety of retreats. Reboot is a cosseting, deep healing for women that has been designed with your busy lifestyle in mind. As such, Reboot begins on a Friday at 4pm and ends on a Sunday at 4pm giving you two full days to submerge yourself in a nurturing environment and enjoy the benefits that this has to offer, whilst being able to return home on a Sunday evening should you wish. However it is recommended that if possible you give yourself another 24 hours to decompress after being in this space before reengaging with your usual routine.


The Reboot Programme offers change, transformation and emotional detox. We believe that introducing plant based foods and alkalising formulas along with meditation, relaxation, movement and rest can begin profound change in the body and mind. Combining this with journaling, workshops and deep body work, this retreat can move you to a place of transformation within a short period of time. From here you can begin to weave knowledge and tools learnt over the weekend into your daily life moving closer to your holistic life vision.

whole food.

whole hearts.

‘Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.’


At Nourished Soul Retreats, we believe that meals should be prepared with love, intent, and thrive off fresh ingredients. Foraging walks can inspire each plate, and local allotments can bring community to the table. Taking time to connect with the intention for preparing a meal and bringing in healing properties to suit the group bings  us great joy. For us, preparing a meal to be shared can be a time to slow down, creating a contemplative and healing environment in our non-stop modern world.


Our table is a sacred place for you to go to feel excited about a meal. For you to love who you are, love your body, and love your food. It’s about feeling nourished and loving and caring 

for yourself. The foundation of Nourished Soul is to nourish the mind, body and soul.

The humble domestic kitchen has been the epicentre of care and nourishment of the body and soul for thousands of years. Here at Nourished Soul Retreats we have no distinction between nourishing foods and healing medicines. It is with this in mind that your meals will be lovingly be prepared by Charlie. All meals are created for women and inspired by herbalism. Further, all meals are:

Dairy free & vegan


Gluten free

Contain alkalising formulas

Free from refined sugars

our healthy


Nourished Soul Retreats would like to invite you to reboot and reconnect in the stunning and remote Yorkshire Dales National Park. The Yorkshire Dales is full of stone-built villages, breathtaking landscapes and vibrant communities. Specifically, the retreat will take place in one of the remotest parts of the Yorkshire Dales, down winding dirt tracks, over cattle grids all the way to The Healthy Home.


The house became known as The Healthy Home when Gina Lazenby moved in to what was a small run-down cottage and worked with her business partner to create a healthy environment and modern home. Following on from the success of her Feng Shui House Book, it seemed timely to publish their research into what could be used to create a calm, healing and regenerative environment with minimum toxins and low electro-magnetic fields. The subsequent Healthy Home book explored many of the techniques used in the creation of this house in the Yorkshire Dales. The Healthy Home is an oasis of calm in a natural and rejuvenating space. 

the investment.

friday welcome reception

2 nights cottage accommodation

6 plant-based meals plus snacks 

alkalising formulas

unlimited herbal teas and water infusions

3 yoga sessions

3 meditation & journalling sessions

3 workshops facilitated by polly, covering life balance, self-care & gut health

free time to yourself to relax, read & explore the winding foot paths surrounding the cottage

digital detox

"the quality of your life depends on the quality of your decisions.”




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