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As human beings we are living in turbulent times and are incredibly busy. Women in particular ask for help when they are experiencing physical or emotional problems as a result of stress or anxiety, which often comes as a result of ‘role overwhelm’. Women are now following careers but are still doing more than our fair share of chores outside of the workplace as well. What has become apparent to me is that this constant changing of ‘hats’ leaves us with no time to process what is happening and we can lose sight of ourselves. When do we allow ourselves to evaluate and take time to nurture ourselves and to reconnect with who we are and what makes us happy?


Nourished Soul Retreats has been curated by mother and daughter Polly and Charlie. The concept for Nourished Soul Retreats was born as a result of Polly’s 20 years of experience practising in the holistic world of homeopathy, reiki and many other healing modalities; raising a family and living in a very changeable world.


Nourished Soul Retreats have a philosophy of care and compassion whilst holding a safe space for you to process your ‘stuff’

with the help of individual and group work. The space is supportive and allows you all the time and space you need to stop, rest, relax, let go and heal.


Our wish for you is that you can begin to reconnect with who you are and have a plan of what you would like to commit to once you leave the retreat.


We believe that a heartfelt approach to health which incorporates physical, emotional and spiritual healing can bring about profound change in you and allow true and permanent healing to take place. Your body has an inborn ability to heal itself naturally, but in today’s modern society it sometimes needs a helping hand.


At Nourished Soul Retreats we strongly believe that making small positive changes to your diet, lifestyle and mindset can dramatically improve the symptoms of illness and disease, which ultimately leads to self-healing of the body.


If you feel that you would like better health, balance and happiness the Nourished Soul Retreats are here to assist you on your journey.


we are committed & connected.

To provide a safe, nurturing and peaceful retreat environment conducive to physical, physiological, psychological and emotional healing.

To provide nutrition, education, resources and support that will enhance overall well being and optimum health long term.

To bring all who visit our retreats back into


To inspire and empower individuals to create a positive impact in their lives, to the lives of their loved ones and on the world as a whole.

why nourished soul retreats?

We are not a large health farm or spa where you get lost in the crowd.

We invite a maximum of 12 guests for an individual and unique experience.

We are not a ‘Yoga’ or ‘Detox’ Holiday, we are a Healing Retreat.

We focus on the emotional and psychological aspects of detox, not just nutrition.

We offer a structured, professional programme with a family run business vibe.


We offer you only the very best in the field of healing.


My Mum was a single Mum, who did her very best to bring up my sister and I in the best way she could with little money. She had a baking day every week and there was always home made food stocked up in the freezer along with fresh bread and homemade yoghurt in the fridge. Each evening we would have dinner together around the table and this was an integral part of our day where we talked and laughed. My Mum was also dealing with breast cancer and later bone and lymph cancer which she died of, very young, aged just 42. While she was ill she introduced us to a raw food diet, carrot juicing, homeopathy and mistletoe treatments. She was also a spiritual healer and travelled with a very well known priest as part of his healing ministry. Looking back, she was an extremely spiritual person with a strong faith, who believed that when it was time for her to be with ‘her Father’, and she had made her peace with all the people that she knew, she was ready to leave this earth. My mum had opened my mind to body/mind/spirit healing and alternative medicine without me realising so.


After my mum passed away, I began eating the most awful food. I was 19, with a 16 year old sister to take care of and mum had bought us a microwave of all things before she died! She clearly knew we couldn’t bake! However, after the initial struggle, it wasn’t long before I got back on track and went back to being a pescatarian (raw food was too much of a stretch for me back then) and I began to learn to cook. Several years later, I remember ordering a prawn dish in a restaurant and Charlotte, my eldest who was around 4 years old at the time, began to cry saying, ‘You can’t eat God’s creatures Mummy.’ All the signs were there that my diet was about to change again, soon I was vegetarian and ultimately I became vegan and feel the healthiest I ever have. The fuel that we choose to put into our

bodies is so very important and this is the diet that suits me best. I love eating a plant based diet and feeling full of light and life.


Around this time too, my youngest daughter was suffering with horrendous eczema. Conventional treatment was not helping her and it was affecting her emotionally as well as physically. I decided to find an alternative way to treat her and as well as changing her diet, I began to see a homeopath. I learned so much about treating the illness from within, not suppressing symptoms and how to help the body heal during the time my daughter was being treated that I was hooked. I had found a medicine that did no harm, worked on the body, mind and emotions and cured her within three months and for this I am incredibly grateful. I became passionate about homeopathy, and so studied for four years to become a Classical Homeopath. I began practising and had also now become an Usui and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, a Magnified Healing Practitioner, an Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner and a Theta Healing Practitioner. I was searching for the spiritual aspect in my area of healing. I then had the opportunity to study for a further four years to become a Shamanic Homeopath and this was the most incredible personal development journey which enabled me to use intuition and to journey with the patient. I had found the missing link.


The last 25 years of my life has been devoted to my family, health and healing and I am as passionate today I was then. I am delighted to have had the opportunity to see my three children all grow up and become wonderful unique adults and I am also delighted that Charlotte and I are able to bring our skills together to introduce you to Nourished Soul Retreats where healing and self nurture can really happen.

meet polly.


meet charlie.


Growing up I had an awareness of where food came from and intrinsic distaste for meat. When I was a baby I would refuse to eat meat. The health visitor was of the opinion that I was just too lazy to chew meat and so corn-beef-hash disguised in mash potato became a table staple. A few years later, we were at the Safari Park as a family. My mum asked me, ‘Should we take the monkeys home for dinner?’, I responded by crying, ‘You can’t eat monkeys!’ Of course my mum was not suggesting we ate the monkeys but It was at this moment my parents decided that I should start my plant-based journey. It wasn’t long until both my parents joined me on this journey exploring the diverse beauty of fruits and vegetables.


My path down a health and wellness lifestyle began when I left the family home in pursuit of completing a Fine Art Degree. From an early age I was focused on making art, which through my studies grew into a deep connection with performance art and the healing properties of connecting with my body and mind, and moving intrinsically within a space. My art allowed me to travel a lot, as was I blessed growing up to have travelled extensively with my family. One of my favourite things about travelling was being able to try new and exotic vegetarian dishes and discovering different books on food and cooking. Through my art practice I became more aware of my body and so this idea of self-awareness and

self-compassion directly translated into how I cooked and ate. Whilst travelling around Spain in my campervan, performing and making art, I became passionate about gut health and the healing wonders of fermentation. During this time other plant-based techniques sparked my interest including, how to make your own tofu from scratch, how to grow “superfoods”, raw cooking and probiotics. 


Whilst being abroad I thought I was experimenting with new and exciting techniques. On moving home and reconnecting with my mum, I realised that my mum, and her mum before, had already been living and working in this holistic way. Suddenly mine and my mum’s passions were beginning to align. It was at this time that my mum and I began a vegan and vegetarian Nutritional Therapy course and my interest in herbalism blossomed. I became eager to learn as much as possible from my mum with her vast experience and knowledge of plants and herbs through 20 years as a Homeopath. There is something deeply fascinating about wisdom and skills accumulated through the generations. It was through this shared desire for knowledge of the natural world and ambition to understand ourselves and heal others through food and alternative therapies that Nourished Soul Retreats was born.


“Polly has worked and supported me with my symptoms as a result of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, as well as any general day to day ailments including anxiety. Her holistic approach is one of looking at my overall health and well-being and not treating a specific symptom. From the moment I met Polly I felt a sense of calm and assurance. She listens to what is happening in your life and treats your body as a whole. I believe that my excellent recovery is due to Polly's remedies and my own positive attitude to treatment.”


- Suzanne

reboot. 17-19 Jan 2020

relinquish your soul & reboot.

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