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As human beings we are living in turbulent times and are incredibly busy. Women in particular ask for help when they are experiencing physical or emotional problems as a result of stress or anxiety, which often comes as a result of ‘role overwhelm’. Women are now following careers but are still doing more than our fair share of chores outside of the workplace as well. What has become apparent to us is that this constant changing of ‘hats’ leaves us with no time to process what is happening and we can lose sight of ourselves. When do we allow ourselves to evaluate and take time to nurture ourselves and to reconnect

with who we are and what makes us happy?

We believe that a heartfelt approach to health which incorporates physical, emotional and spiritual healing can bring about profound change in you and allow true and permanent healing to take place. Your body has an inborn ability to heal itself naturally, but in today’s modern society it sometimes needs a helping hand.

If you feel that you would like better health, balance and happiness then Nourished Soul Retreats are here to assist you on your journey.

It’s not selfish to look after yourself.


As women we are programmed to nurture the vulnerable and protect the fragile. Learn how taking time for yourself ‘first’ will in turn improve the lives of everyone you love and care about.

Why time is the most precious resource you can give to yourself.


Do you not enough time left to take care of your own needs and wants? Do you have too many responsibilities to leave? Discover how to say ‘No’ and set healthy boundaries.

You are worth it!

How often do you put everyone else's needs above your own? Learn why investing in yourself is non-negotiable when all your relationships benefit from your soul being in a nourished place.

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